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What Makes Duck Dynasty So Popular

What make the Duck Dynasty tv series such a popular show? What do you enjoy about the Duck Dynasty tv series? Every Wednesday evening, a group of family oriented rednecks, who love to hunt ducks and other wild animals, take over our living rooms for an hour full of fun and laughter.

On February 27th, 2013 8.6 million viewers decided that Duck Dynasty was worth watching. 9.63 million people watched the one-hour, third season finale. That was an all time high for Duck Dynasty and the A&E channel. No other tv show in the history of A&E has ever had that many viewers. What is it about Duck Dynasty that turns on so many viewers?

What Do I Like About Duck Dynasty?

Duck Dynasty On TV

Obviously I am a big Robertson family fan. I do have this blog after all! What I like most about this funny show is the good family values the show is based on. Every episode shows how close the Robertson family is with each other.

The Robertson family does everything together, from hunting, to building duck calls, you never see an episode where the family fights or argues with each other. There isn’t any bad or negative vibes that comes from the family.

The 4 Robertson brothers

Alan, Willie, Jase, and Jeb have never shown any sign of bad feelings for each other. Willie and Jase are featured on the show more than the other brothers. They take turns taking fun pot shots at each other. Jase Robertson is always poking at Willie Robertson about his weight, while Wiliie likes to poke fun right back about Jase being lazy at work.

They do it with a smile on their faces and never seems to hurt the others feelings. I have 4 brothers and I wish we all got along as good as the Robertson brothers do.


Duck Dynasty Isn’t Like Other Family Shows

Duck Dynasty On TVMany reality tv series we watch these days are focused on fighting and bickering. Watch a couple episodes of Hard Core Pawn for instance and it is full of fighting between the family.

If you watch Storage Wars, it is also full of arguing and bickering. Even the original reality show American Chopper is centered around the family fighting with each other. Duck Dynasty broke the mold on reality tv.

The Family That Hunts Together, Stays Together

Duck Dynasty On TVThe Robertson’s set out on a new path and have found a niche in realty series. They are a family who loves each other and offers us something new and entertaining to watch.

Whether they are working or out hunting ducks, they are never fighting or arguing with each other.

We need more focus on positive energies and family values instead of fighting and bickering with each other. Phil’s favorite quote is “Happy Happy Happy”. That is a good sign that he is always in a good mood.

Duck Dynasty Is A Lesson in Family Values

Phil Robertson always has a lesson to teach us in each episode. Phil is a low tech man in a high tech world. He doesn’t own a cell phone and is very proud of that. I doubt if they even own a TV.

At least I have never seen him watch tv during any episodes of Duck Dynasty.  Watch the following video to learn more about Phil Robertson’s family values.

Why Do You Like Duck Dynasty?

Take a moment and leave a comment and tell me what you like about Duck Dynasty. I would love to hear your reason for watching the show each week!

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