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Why Do Duck Dynasty Guys Have Beards

Why Do The Guys From Duck Dynasty Have Beards?

This is a popular question. Everyone wants to know why the Duck Dynasty stars all have long and full beards? You have probably never seen the Duck Dynasty men without beards before. There are pictures of all the brothers in their younger days featured below.

Trimming or shaving isn’t very high on any of their lists except for the oldest brother Alan. He is the only one of the 4 Robertson brothers who keeps a clean shaven face.

Keep reading below to find out why these duck hunting redneck millionaires have chosen to grow out their facial hair and capture American’s hearts from coast to coast. Redneck is nationwide now folks! The beards are back!

Why The Long Beards On Duck Dynasty Men?

According to an interview that Willie Robertson gave, the long beards began when a north wind blew across the way and chilled Phil’s face. From there he grew his beard out to keep his face warm. The rest of the men all followed Phil’s lead.

Why Do Duck Dynasty Guys Have Beards

Are The Long Beards Just A Marketing Gimmick?

Everyone wants to know if the Duck Dynasty long beards are a marketing gimmick. The Duck Commander guys claim they are not. I have read posts on the internet by many others, who know the Robertson’s family, who all say that is just how the Robertson guys are. They are the outdoors type. The hunting type. Men who enjoy the outdoors and hunting, often enjoy long beards.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they all work for a family business. Most men of this age might work in an environment where it is required to stay clean shaven. The Duck Dynasty men are free to grow their beards as long as they please.

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Do the Duck Dynasty Women Like The Long Beards?

Duck Dynasty Beard O Meter Measure Length of Beards

Duck Dynasty Beard O Meter Measure Length of Beards

The only wife who has mentioned she could live without the beard is Jase’s wife Missy. All the other Duck Dynasty women say they love their men with long beards. Miss Kay even said in one episode that it would be like cheating on her husband to be with Phil without a beard. Korie loves Willies long beard as well.

Will We Ever See The Duck Dynasty Men Without Beards?

Chances are, they will keep the long beards for a long time. It’s a natural marketing gimmick, even it is isn’t planned! If it works, don’t fix it, or shave it in this case!

Here Is Willie Robertson Without A Beard

What does Willie look like without a beard? See what Willie Robertson looked like before he grew out his beard. Below is a picture of Willie Robertson without his beard. Get a good look though, you won’t see the Duck Dynasty guys without their beards any time soon.

Willie Robertson No Beard

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Does Korie Robertson like Willie’s beard? Korie claims to love Willie’s long facial hair.

Did Willie Robertson grow his beard just for the Duck Dynasty tv show? No, he had his beard well ahead of filming Duck Dynasty.

Popular questions that I am searching answers for.
How long is Willie Robertson’s beard?
How long has Willie worn a beard?
Will Willie Robertson ever cut his beard?

Jase Robertson Without A Beard

Here is a picture of Jase Robertson long before he considered growing his long beard. Jase claims to love his long beard and plans to keep it long forever. I doubt if you will see Jase Robertson without a beard in the near future.

Will Jase Robertson ever shave his beard? Jase says he loves his beard and will never shave it off.

How long is Jase Robertson’s beard?
How long has Jase worn a beard?

So here is an old picture of Jase Robertson without his long beard.

Jase Robertson without a beard

Si Robertson Without A Beard

Check out what Si Robertson without a beard looks like! Settle down ladies! Si is a married feller. Which do you prefer? Si Robertson with a beard or Si Robertson without a beard?

How long is Si Robertson’s beard?
How long has Si worn a beard?
Does Christine Robertson like Si’s beard?
Will Si Robertson shave his beard?

Here is an old picture of Si. Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Si Robertson Without A Beard

Phil Robertson Started The Long Beards in the Robertson Family

When Willie was asked about where the long beards came from, he claimed that his father Phil Robertson started the long beard trend in the family. As a avid hunter and outdoors man, Phil grew his long beard to help keep his face warm during the hunts. Now it is very unlikely that anyone will see Phil Robertson without a beard anytime soon.

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Ask Questions About Duck Dynasty Beards Below Please

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    1. I love this show and the whole family…..I’m so sick of seeing post after post after post….about the beards….things like they are all about making money and that the family is fake and the religious aspect is all about making money……blah blah blah…….I am just a normal fan, but I always feel like I have to defend these men and the family as the comments are lies and just mean….It’s obvious people who make these ugly comments are NOT fans of the show, but is it jealousy, greed, or envy that makes them post these things? Maybe a little of each…..

      1. I’m a pretty big fan of the show (big enough to make this blog about them) and even I can see that the DD guys are ALL about making the money! Beards are what they are. So the guys grew beards to give the appearance of rough and rugged hunting men. If that’s their niche, then so be it. One doesn’t have to venture very far into their local Walmart to know how much the DD guys love money.

  1. I just hate those beards and they really look nice without them. I guess it might be a gimmick, but in my book they are gross. I vote for no beards.

  2. I think certain characteristics (like their beards) defines who they are. I think if you don’t like men with beards then don’t look at them. Simple. I love the beards!!!

  3. My husband has a beard and I love it. I am encouraging him to let it grow longer and his hair too. We are both retired and aren’t trying to impress anyone. Maybe I will quit shaving too!

  4. I am in LOVE with the beards, especially Jase’s. oooolala I hope he Never shaves it or changes anything about himself, for anybody! I could literally run my fingers through his manly beard for hours… even if just to get the critters out. Love him, love the family and the show! It’s about time there is something on TV I am Happy to watch.

    P.s. not everybody can pull off the beard look, but Jase sure can :)

  5. I been growing my beard out for a good while…and i started growing mine because of my dad!!!! Just like willie,jase and jeptha followed in phils steps, which is my favorite on the show…i think that the beards is really inspiring to alot of people to not care so much what’s on the outside but its who you are that means the most!!! My vote dont ever shave the beards boys!!!! Fear the beards :-)

  6. men not having a beard is like a woman shaving her head. men with beard are generally less naïve and more realistic so as their women, on the other hand men without a beard are naïve with lack of wisdom and judgement, fantasists, always trying to comply with Hollywood or their simple women. what is the point in having feminizes men and masculine women. result is todays chaos in relation ships. beard is a must for a man.

    1. Gag!!.. Gag!!..?Even thought it looks like crap and there to lazy to shave and they look like some one from a homeless camp!!. . And emotionley hiding behind there beards to show there manliness that increases there self Esteme that they laked before..and all the brothers following like lemmings into the sea!!.. Excuise me while I barf!!….

      1. P.S. They should be more like me. I shave my whole body and wax my every hair. I paint my toe neils, and dress up in my sister’s dresses. Man, I’m like party girl. wo——ho barbey

        1. My man has bread and I love it. Real men don’t wear dresses or wax . Both of those things are for women. And for anyone who thinks they are gross or homeless lookin you are just haters. My man bread not only looks good it smells great. I say DD boys look great and should never shave.

      2. Rod, can’t hardly read your comment, too many misspelled words and sentence structure is horrible….IDK maybe a beard makes you smarter, like the founders and majority of great men in the history of our great country…..Rod, I think you need a beard…oops, but it might interfere with your cross dressing.

  7. I do prefer a little facial hair on my man, but these beards are a bit much. However they really do work for them. It is so novel that I like it. Maybe because I like all of them so much. The beards can stay.

  8. Get rid of those hillbilly beards. They were decent looking guys before the beards. It is a marketing gimmick. The field they are in represents that. Having a beard allows them to connect to the guy who lives in the cabin in the woods who doesn’t have access to hot water or a mirror. So he just lets his beard grow while living off the land.

    1. I think the DD guys would disagree with you. Beards are for duck hunting! They breathe to duck hunt!

  9. I can imagine what all is in those long beards. How on earth can they keep them clean from food, drool, mucus, bugs and other good stuff.
    Would you want to give any of those long beards a ‘kiss’ ? Yuck

  10. those beards are repulsive…and serve no purpose except to make them look like dirty old men….

  11. Its ok for a women to say negative comments on the beards but not a guy. When I was in my 20,’s man, I was a chick mangnet with my beard. I turned down many a job, because I wasn’t gonna shave off my beard. They all remind me of ZZ Top. Hey Guys, you look great, keep the beards and don’t pay any attention to stick boy.

  12. Many times people have heard of the fifth Beatle, well I believe I am the fifth Robertson! Love the Beards and the Values! Keep on living for Christ!

  13. I like the beards and really it doesn’t make a bit of difference what we think. Their wives like the beards so the men will keep their beards. I like the show although I don’t have cable so I wait until the video comes out and buy the season. I am interested in knowing what products are Duck Commandos and what is Duck Dynasty. I don’t like A&E for what they did to Phil and if the show is canceled I will only buy Commando products.

  14. I saw pics of these guys without their beards and they are all drop-dead gorgeous! I don’t know why they hide those beautiful faces behind the beards but I say shave them off! Gimme some eye candy!! :-)

  15. Back when I was a guy.
    I rather enjoyed having a long beard.
    It covered the scars from that incident with the rabid bat attack.
    Good job.

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