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Who is Mountain Man on Duck Dynasty?

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Who is Mountain Man on Duck Dynasty?

Mountain Man is one of the semi regulars on the Duck Dynasty Tv show. Mountain Man is known best for his slow way of talking. Mountain Man talks real slow and in the same tone which makes it stand out even more. A fast knitting grandmother could complete a whole quilt by the time Mountain Man finishes telling one story.

Mountain Man does a talk show on Ruston-Monroe, Louisiana is Big Z Country Z107.5.  radio station on Fridays. You can tune in online or call in to the  listener line at 800-638-1075 During one episode of Duck Dynasty season 2, Willie and Si Robertson appear on the Mountain Man radio show.

Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty

Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty

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Most Often Asked Questions About Mountain Man

What is Mountain Man’s real name? His real name is Tim Guraedy
Is Mountain Man related to the Robertson’s? No, Mountain Man is their neighbor down the road.
Is Mountain Man really that slow? Yes!! He really does talk all slow and drawn out like that.
How old is Mountain Man on Duck Dynasty? His age is unlisted, but he graduated in 1975. If he was 18 when he graduated high school, then he was born in 1957 and that makes him 56 years old in 2013.
Is Mountain Man on Duck Dynasty married?  I haven’t been able to find out yet.

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Watch This Video Clip of Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty

The Mountain Man Radio Show

Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty On The Air

Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty On The Air


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What do you want to know about Mountain Man?

Leave a question in the comments below and I will do my best to find the answer. Please share my page if you have time!

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  1. I have been looking for a while to find out why Mountain Man talks so slow, I’ve found all over that he really does talk like that, which i never doubted. I am just so confused why, i dig it, dont get me wrong, if i had more time in the day i would probably talk like that too. (:

    1. me too. i think i need to anyway, for like the last 2 years I started to slur some of my words for some reason and stutter and a lot of times my family, especially my dad can’t understand me. it’s like my brain is making me think of what I want to say way faster than what my mouth can spit out. trying to control it.

  2. A little trivia here, Jase baptized Mountain Man.
    I conned my grand-daughter to call the Patrick And Mountain Man request line and Mountain Man himself answered the phone. After she talked with him a good while she asked if he would have time to talk with grampa. We talked a good 5 or 10 minutes, and yep he really does talk just like he does on the show! He is a really cool guy!
    I hope he makes an appearance or three in season 4!

    See ya’

  3. I wonder what mountain man does for a living

    We have seen him on the radio
    At garage sales
    Selling his old vehicles
    Fixing Ir conditioning
    Carpentry ? On that conveyor belt

    Is that it or does he have a “job”

  4. Mountain Man is my First Cousin. His Dad and my Dad are brothers, but his Dad is the only remaining sibling. Don’t think Tim is 56 years old yet. He is the “Baby” of the 12 Grandchildren born in the Guraedy family. Our Grandmother would call us “The Dirty Dozen”.
    He is divorced and has been for many years.

  5. mountain man I found turkey call made in 1800 like to share this with you it works good way to compete with duck calls made out of wood nail and rock

  6. do u remember me Portland high school with ur friends tim clubs adecock u mike dorris riding in his nova 1975 1976often wondered what happened to u people kept telling me that I knew u been a long ride hope ur doing well what part of louisana are u have a nephew friends in Washington la good job on being famous from the mountains

  7. We have a request for a 20 year old girl that is a fan of you and your family.
    Uncle Si is her favorite!!
    This girl is in the hospital and Dr told her that she might not make it..
    We are praying and hoping you or your daughter could call or email her.
    She is very depressed after having two heart surgeries and many other organs that are failing her too.
    She is at Utah University Hospital on the second floor..
    Her name is McKenzie Markovich and FB page is
    She is a Christian and told the doctors that she knows where she will go if she dies, but feels bad for her parents..
    She was attending Montana University to become a veterinary. She has a beautiful spirit just as your daughter does.
    It would mean so much to her if you respond to her someway!!
    You are a Christian brother in Christ and I know will honor this request.,

    Thank you so much!!

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