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When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start?

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When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start?

It has already been confirmed by one Robertson family member. On October 22nd 2013, Jase Robertson posted on his Facebook profile that the next season was added to the Duck Dynasty filming schedule.

When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start? The Duck Dynasty beards and gals returned on December 11th 2013 for a one hour Duck the Halls Christmas special. I hope you will have all gotten your copy of the Duck the Halls – A Robertson Family Christmas.

We have it posted here for your convenience. You can also see a video with excerpts. What a great present that will be for any Duck Dynasty fan! Get it early and you’ll be able to sing along!

When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start?

Duck Dynasty: I Am Dreaming of a Redneck ChristmasDuck the Halls: a Robertson Family Christmas

When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start?

Christmas with the Robertson’s will be a special time. You know this family is close and the spirituality and belief system they share is strong. Their family bond really shines through in their family Christmas album. Watch this video preview and you will see what I mean.

Can you just imagine sitting down to Christmas dinner with these great folks and enjoying all that great food? So, when does Duck Dynasty season 5 start? Hold on, we are getting to that!

How about some Christmas cookies from Miss Kay? I am betting all those recipes are in one of her cookbooks! They make a great Christmas gift for the cook in your home!

Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen: -Bringing Our Home to Your TableThe Commander’s Kitchen by Duck Commander

Now, let’s talk about Duck Dynasty Season 5! The burning question is “When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start?”.

The fifth season of the series premieres Jan. 15

New cast members will be introduced in season 5, including Rebecca, the stepdaughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. She returns from attending college in Los Angeles and attempts to adjust to life in Monroe, Louisiana.

Wait a minute.. didn’t they have a Halloween special too?

Quack O’Lanterns Wednesday, October 30 10/9C

Yes.. they did!

The Robertson’s turned the Duck Commander warehouse into a fun scare house. Everyone dressed up in fun costumes and Willie desperately tried to be the scariest, but none of the kids are afraid of him. Phil and Kay make treats with the grand kids and Phil puts his own Halloween twist on pumpkin decorating by making a jack-o-lantern with his shotgun.

2014 Duck Dynasty Si-chology Wall Calendar2014 Year of the Beard CalendarDuck Dynasty 2014 Calendar2014 Duck Dynasty Wall Calendar

Don’t forget, with the new season coming up you will want to get yourself a Duck Dynasty calendar to keep track of all the new episodes! We have several shown here for your choosing. In fact, get a few for your friends and family so everyone has a nice reminder to make it a family night with the Robertson’s.

When Does Duck Dynasty Season 5 Start? You guess is as good as mine at this point! Leave a comment and make your prediction!

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  1. Rebecca, coming to Season 5, is not a “step-daughter”. Rebecca is a foreign exchange student that previously lived with them until attending college.

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