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What is the Duck Dynasty TV Series About?

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By now you have obviously heard about the hit tv show called Duck Dynasty. But, do you know what the Duck Dynasty show is about? No? Then this is the page for you! Get to know more about A&E’s hit tv show called Duck Dynasty below!

Duck Dynasty is a tv show on A&E about the Robertson family in West Monroe Louisiana. The Robertson family have made millions of dollars off of their original duck calls and other various merchandise that revolves around Duck Hunting. The show follows the family around on their daily routine and some not so routine adventures.

What is Duck Dynasty about

What is Duck Dynasty About

When was the first Duck Dynasty episode? March 21, 2012

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Who is the cast of Duck Dynasty?

Willie Robertson From Duck DynastyWillie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander and the one of the main stars of the show. Willie took over a family run business from his father Phil that makes original duck calls. Willie staffs his company with family members and other various family friends who makes up the cast of the show.

Meet the rest of the Duck Dynasty cast after you watch this video clip about Willie Robertson.

The Rest of the Cast from Duck Dynasty

Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty

Jase Robertson is Willie’s older brother and the COO of Duck Commander. Jase is in charge of the duck call room. Think of him as the leader of the duck room workers.

Jase is also in charge of giving Willie a hard time. Jase and Willie are very competitive with each other and episodes of the show are often centered around their latest challenge against each other.

Si Robertson

Uncle Si Robertson from Duck DynastySi is Jase and Willie’s uncle and brother of Phil Robertson. Si Robertson is one of the most lovable characters on the tv show. Si often tells stories that are rather fictional in nature, yet he assures us that every story he tells is 95% true. Somehow I feel that percent number is much lower. Si has many popular quotes that have gone viral across the internet. Like Hey and Hey Jack which he often says. Plus classics like It’s on like Donkey Kong! Si is truly a funny character on the show and makes it worth turning on the tv to watch.

Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty Free Full EpisodesPhil Robertson is Jase and Willies father. He is the person who began the company back in the 70’s People refer to Phil as the original Duck Commander. Phil invented the first Duck Commander duck call that launched the family business. Phil is a true redneck and backwoods soul who believes in family and living off the land.

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  1. Thanks for this. Being a new fan of the Duck Dynasty it is good to figure out everyone’s relationship. This thing I like about the show the most is how clean it is. No cussing, no sex, no violence, just good clean hysterical fun. These people are what real hillbilly life is all about.

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