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Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cup

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Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cup

Why Does Si Robertson Carry a Tea Cup? Everyone Wants To Know! What is the deal with Si always carrying that blue tupperware cup of tea? Uncle Si loves to drink his ice tea from a tupperware cup! Fans of Duck Dynasty can imitate Si with the following Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cups.

Where can you buy the green or blue tupperware cup like Si’s on Duck Dynasty?  So, you want a blue tupperware cup like Si drinks out of on the show? Get your Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cup right here.

Why Does Si Robertson Carry a Blue Tea Cup?

Uncle Si Robertson's Tea CupEveryone Wants To Know! During Si’s military days in Vietnam, his mother sent him a blue tupperware cup to drink his favorite drink – iced tea – out of. For 40 plus years, Si has kept that very same blue Tupperware cup with him everywhere he goes. Si is never without his favorite cup.

His nephew Willie saw that Duck Dynasty fans were wanting their own Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cup. So now you can purchase the following cup with the Duck Commander logo featured on it.

It’s not the same Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cup, but it is pretty darn cool and features the Duck Commander logo.
Uncle Si Robertson's Tea Cup

Uncle Si Robertson's Tea Cup3 Duck Commander Cups GreenUncle Si Robertson's Tea CupDuck Dynasty Duck Commander SiDuck Dynasty Duck Commander SiDuck Commander DC-16PC Uncli Si’s2 Blue Duck Commander Duck2 Duck Commander Cups Pink2 Green Duck Commander Uncle5 Duck Commander Tubblers

Blue Tupperware Cups Like Si Robertson Uses

Blue Tupperware Cups Like Si Robertson Drinks Out Of On Duck Dynasty

Where can you buy the Duck Commander Si cup?


Happy Happy Happy Mug– Mason Drinking

Check out this selection of Duck Dynasty mugs, coffee cups, travel mugs with lids, and other various glass wares.

Duck Dynasty has reached mainstream popularity.

Enjoy a piece of the show with your morning cup of coffee with a Duck Dynasty coffee cup or tea glass.

These are the best Duck Dynasty cups for sale on Amazon.com

Why Does Si Robertson Carry a Blue Cup?

Si has had his cup every since his days in the Army. I think it is just blue because most tupperware cups were blue back in those days! You can buy your own Uncle Si Robertson’s Tea Cup below. It’s not the same tea cup that Si drinks from, but it is pretty darn cool and features the Duck Commander logo.

How Does Si Robertson Make His Iced Tea?

I Don’t Know, But You Can Make Perfect Iced Tea With This Maker

I find it rather odd, that Si has a fresh glass of Ice Tea with him, no matter where he goes. That just seems strange to me. How does Si make his ice tea? That is a mystery to me. Is it even ice tea that Si is drinking in that glass?*Disclaimer ~ This Might Not Be The Same Recipe That Si Uses

How To Make Homemade Iced Tea?

Here is a video recipe that will teach you step by step directions for making ice tea at home. Click play on the video below to get started.

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  1. Having just recently discovered The Duck Dynasty this is just another hilarious addition to the antics on A&E. Where do people come up with this stuff? I don’t know but I am glad that they did!

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