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The Ugly Truth About Duck Dynasty

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The Ugly Truth About Duck Dynasty

Today’s world cries for tolerance, from the left and right, yet allows for no tolerance on their own doorstep.

As humans we beat each other up over every word that is uttered as opinion or even quoting from something we believe. Everyone seems to have the right to be offended and takes that right to the extreme at every turn.

Duck Dynasty, a TV show based upon a family who have become millionaires with a duck call, has been under fire recently over words. These words came from the mouth of the family patriarch and inventor of the Duck Commander duck call. He was asked a question, which he answered with his own thoughts. The world took notice.

While we discuss these happenings, please also remember that in most cases, an interviewee is given a list of the questions beforehand and that there was reportedly a representative (or “handler” as they are called) from A&E present at the interview and could have stepped in to have that statement squashed before it became news.

Phil is just a human. In the USA we don’t typically stone or behead people for their beliefs.

We like to believe we are more tolerant than other civilized places on this earth.

The Ugly Truth About Duck Dynasty

Mr Phil Robertson from Duck Commander

Phil tries to instill family values in his children and grandchildren. He’s done a good job. We have seen some ugly statements from people looking to make Phil look bad. He has never hidden the fact that he wasn’t always a good man. He wants his family to learn from his mistakes. We all want those same things for our children and grandchildren.

Willie, Jase, and Jep have all become solid upstanding citizens. They have learned to run a business that, yes, makes millions. We all should be so successful.

Alan, the eldest, chose to follow the path of his beliefs and become a minister to those who are hungry for guidance.

Miss Kay, the family matriarch, holds the family together with her love of family and Lord. These are good people, each with their own talent to bring to the world.

Will This Be The End of Duck Dynasty?

The Robertson Family

The Robertson Family

Duck Dynasty is reality TV that actually provides entertainment and could teach us all a thing or two about love. And if we choose to listen with ears open and not sit there waiting to be offended, we might learn a little acceptance too. Will this be the end of the tv show? That is very unlikely. Duck Dynasty will live past this controversy.

We love Duck Dynasty, we admire the family for their courage to stand for what they believe in, just as we admire the people who believe so strongly and stood against them. The truth is, we are all here. We must learn to live together as a unit or risk annihilation.

What Is The Ugly Truth About Duck Dynasty?

Phil Robertson Gets Suspended

Phil Robertson Gets Suspended

Folks, the ugly truth is…. it’s just a TV show. You either like it or you don’t, just like any other show. With this one, you just don’t have to sit there waiting to put your hands over little Johnny’s ears, or cover little Mary’s eyes. You pretty much know from start to finish, you have a family friendly show that you can leave your kids alone for 5 minutes to watch without having to Fear the Beard.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading my blog. Remember, I am only a fan of the show and am in no way connected with the show, actors, or companies involved. I wish each and everyone of you a happy holiday season!

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What Did Phil Say That Got Him Suspended?

By now, you have probably heard the story, and voiced your opinions in many online debates, but in case you want to check it out one more time, here is an ABCNews report when the story first broke.

Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander Books

Learn more about the Robertson family through one of their many books. Featured below are just a few of the best selling Duck Dynasty books, written by and about the most well known family in Louisiana, and perhaps the entire United States –  The Robertson’s


Phil Robertson What They Aren´t Telling You!

This is not my opinion! Just a video I found on Youtube with some guy talking about the recent Phil situation. I thought my readers might want to watch it!

Duck Dynasty Seasons 1-4 on DVD

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  1. I think it’s a disgrace to fire a man that is stating his beliefs but yet have almost naked girls rubbing up against a pole. Com on people get your heads out. Phil Robertson is a God loving man and i stand behind and beside him and his family!

  2. Ok so we are talking about people being offended due to another man’s belief. As it stands and have always been, Eve was created for Adam so that he would have a companion and procreate (have babies), produce more people. Show me where that can happen naturally within same sex humans please…just not possible. The Bible does speak of this type of lifestyle as being an abomination. However, as people we are to love everyone even our enemies. It is the lifestyle that is the real issue and this is what’s frowned on by God and the Christian community. People in that lifestyle tend to want to flip what most Christians comment on and try to claim that we are gay bashing. Not the case. We just don’t agree with the lifestyle and we do have a right to speak out about it. So don’t expect me to agree with a lifestyle that contradict what I believe in, I don’t have to agree with it and frankly I never will. So on this issue I support Phil and I hope he never waver from the truth.

  3. I appreciate your representation here. It is good clean unprejudiced reporting. thank you for that. I hope Duck Dynasty does survive this with Phil Robertson still on the air. We shall see.

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