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Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume

Dress Up Like Phil Robertson for Halloween

Where can you find a Phil Robertson costume for Halloween? I have found them all for you! Phil is the original Duck Commander and built the original duck calls that started the Duck Dynasty empire, and also the father of Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson.

There are few things you need in order to dress up in a Phil Robertson costume for Halloween. Those are long grey beards, a camouflage headband, camouflage clothing and dark sporty sunglasses.

Make a Phil Robertson Halloween Costume

Here are the top Phil costumes from around the web. Click on each site to find a costume in stock and to get the best deal. There are wig and beard kits for kids and adults.  There are also fake beards for a Phil costume further down on this page. Be sure to check those out too.

AMAZON – Adults Phil Robertson CostumeAMAZON- Phil Beard Bandanna CostumeANYTIMECOSTUMES – Phil Beard and Hat SetHALLOWEENCOSTUMES – Phil Robertson CostumeAMAZON – Kids Phil Robertson CostumeAMAZON – Adults Phil Robertson Costume

Duck Dynasty Bandannas

Phil, Willie, and Jep all wear bandannas. Phil likes to wear a green realtree woodlands camouflage bandanna. Jep wears the Duck Commander bandanna, and Willie always wears an American flag bandanna.

 Duck Dynasty Bandana – American Flag Duck Dynasty Bandana – Brothers of the Beard Duck Dynasty Bandana – Camouflage

Black Sunglasses

Make your Phil Robertson Halloween costume look more authentic with a pair of really dark sunglasses like the ones Phil always wears. Phil wouldn’t be caught dead without his pair of sunglasses, and your costume won’t be complete without a pair. If you don’t already own some, pick up a pair to go with your outfit.

More Fake Beards

It’s the beards that makes Duck Commander guys so recognizable. Your Halloween costume idea will not be complete without a long grey beard. I have gathered several choices for you below. Go ahead and pick the one you like best, and add it to your shopping cart. Come on back here to finish putting together your costume for Halloween.

Camo Hat Wig Beard Set HalloweenDuck Dynasty Bearded Bandana

Duck Dynasty fake beards that are great for Halloween or anytime you want to dress up as a character from Duck Dynasty.

Phil Robertson T-shirts

Make your costume look more authentic by adding a Phil Robertson t-shirt. This way people won’t have to ask “who are you suppose to be?”!

Camouflage Is Like Their Religion!

No Duck Dynasty outfit is complete without camouflage clothing. Start with a camouflage jacket (cause it’s cold in October!), then add a pair of camouflage pants. I have gathered some good choices for you below. Pick the ones you like best and add those to your shopping cart. But your costume isn’t finished yet, so head back here to get the rest of your Phil costume items. He really likes the woodlands camouflage pattern best, but any camo would do. So I have added a few different styles to give you some options.

Add The Finishing Touches

You need that one item that people will instantly recognize. I have picked it out for you. All you have to do is carry this seasoning along with you and anyone in the world will be sure that you have dressed up as Phil Robertson for Halloween!

Brother Beard and Hat SetCEO Beard and Bandana SetUncle Beard, Hat and Glasses SetCommander Beard and Hat Set

Buy From AmazonBuy From AmazonBuy From Amazon

Si Robertson CostumesJase Robertson CostumesWillie Robertson Costumes


There you go, everything you need to dress up as Phil Robertson – the Duck Commander for Halloween. There will be no doubt or questions asked about who you are this year for trick or treating or your office party. All your co workers will instantly recognize you as Phil Robertson if you use the items above to make your Halloween outfit.

Exhibit Floor Ribbon Cutting CeremonyExhibit Floor Ribbon Cutting CeremonyWillie Robertson

Have a safe and fun time this year while trick or treating with your children.

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  1. I can’t really say I love the beards. But I love the guys so much I am willing to overlook it. It would easy to be a DD man for any costume party.

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