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Miss Kay Halloween Costume

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Miss Kay Robertson is a well-loved woman in reality TV. This is not just because she is a devout Christian but because she is the real life wife and mother who instilled good moral values into her family.

As with most couples, life has not always been easy. But she and Phil have been married for 48 years so far and have built a solid foundation on which to stand.

Their faith and trust in the Lord has given the entire family strength from which to pull when it was needed most. For Halloween this year, if you would like to go dressed as the beloved Miss Kay, I have assembled the ensemble for you to choose from to create your perfect Miss Kay costume.

The Hair

Miss Kay is not flamboyant in any way. She has a simple and easy to work with hairstyle. With a family and schedule as busy as hers, it has to be simple to fit her lifestyle.

Be Miss Kay, matriarch of the Duck Dynasty Family, with this full, dark, and beautiful wig!

The Sweater

Miss Kay’s sweater has become a TV icon nearly as much as the Duck Dynasty beards. Below there are some variations of it to suit your needs and preferences.


The Apron

Most everyone has a pair of jeans to wear so I will move right into the aprons. As much cooking as Miss Kay does she has to have a good apron.


Boots with the Fur

Don’t forget to tuck your jeans into your boots to keep the mosquitoes and ticks out of your clothes.

Hunting Costumes for Ladies

Would you like to dress as a hunter and still look like a lady?

Hunter CostumeJane the Hunter Costume

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The Cookbook

The Robertson family matriarch has put together over 100 recipes for your enjoyment. These dishes include the favorite meals of the men and their wives, as well as the recipes she prepares for larger gatherings of friends and family. When your family has survived on duck as long as they have, you need some great recipes and different ways to cook it. But it’s not all about God, Guns, and Ducks, Jack! There are desserts and drink recipes, along with fried chicken, fried frog legs, sausage gumbo, buttery biscuits, and red beans and rice. If you love home cooked meals this recipe cookbook is for you. This cookbook was written by Miss Kay and Chrys Howard, who is Korie Robertson’s mom, and an author in her own right with nine books under her belt.

Camo Cutting Boards

For a really great camo addition to your kitchen, take a look at these cutting boards

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