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Hey Willie Where Did You Get Those Boots

Willie Robertson Flamed Motorcycle Boots

During a recent episode of Duck Dynasty called Battle of the Brothers, Willie Robertson was going through a mid life crisis.

Trying to recapture the younger Willie spirit, he purchased a motorcycle with a custom flame paint job, an electric guitar, and dyed his beard to remove the grey hairs.

It was during this episode where the world caught a short glimpse of Willie’s flamed motorcycle boots. I noticed them, so did many other Duck Dynasty fans. Because everyone wants to know, Where did Willie get those flamed motorcycle boots?

Willie Robertson Flamed Motorcycle Boots Duck Dynasty

There Are Flamed Motorcycle Boots on Amazon.com

When I saw the flamed motorcycle boots Willie was wearing, I wanted a pair myself. I am sure Willie probably bought his on one of the many trips to various social events. Him and his wife Korie have been spotted at many recent social events along with other members of the Robertson family.

I decided to check with Amazon.com and see if they had any flamed motorcycle boots like the ones Willie was wearing. I found a few that are similar, but not quite the same. Check those out below.

Flame Motorcycle BootsHarness Flame Motorcycle Boots

Close Up of Willies Flamed Boots

Here is a close up photo of those flamed motorcycle boots Willie wore on Duck Dynasty. They look like a pair of older boots. At first I wondered if he bought them because they matched the flamed motorcycle he purchased. It looks like maybe he had the boots for awhile.

Close Up of Willies Flamed Boots

Flamed Cowboy Boots

Willie’s boot weren’t cowboy boots, but why should that stop you from having the boots that you want to wear! You don’t have to be exactly like Willie. Go ahead and check out these cowboy boots that has fire and flames on them. Click on the images to see more details about these cowboy boots.

Battle of the Brothers – Duck Dynasty Season 3

Here is a recap of the Battle of the Brothers episode. You can see the flamed motorcycle boots in several of the clips featured on this video.

As it turned out, Willie doesn’t know how to ride the motorcycle he purchased. I bet it sure looks nice sitting in his garage with all his other “toys”! I wonder if he has let Jase ride it yet?!

More Motorcycle Boots For Sale

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Flamed Motorcycle Boots on eBay

Click here to open a new window with a Flamed Motorcycle Boots search on eBay.

What did you think of Willies Motorcycle Boots?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of the flamed boots that Willie was wearing. Did you like them? Would you own a pair?

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  1. The boots are by a company called Sha Sha shoes. They are tribal flame boots, first time I saw them Billy Lne from Choppers Inc was wearing them.

  2. Dear Duck Dynasty,
    My dad LOVES those flame boots Willie wears and he just had a birthday and I really wanted to get them for him for his birthday. Could you please tell me where to find these? My dad works really hard and deserves these boots and we watch faithfully! Please let me know where to find these.
    Olivia Sells

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