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Get To Know Willie Robertson

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Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander

Willie, the lovable leader of Duck Dynasty, is the favorite of many fans just for his great personality. His unflappable confidence and amazing skill for always being right, even when he’s wrong, cause people to laugh out loud each week. Willie is always busy. He is not just a star of the a hit tv show, he has a real job as a husband and father, too.

Korie and the kids keep him on his toes and in line. His deep seated spiritual beliefs allow him to be a great spokesperson for the family, the show, and the company.

Willie Robertson in duck camo

Willie Robertson in duck camo

He seems to genuinely enjoy meeting people and talking about the show and the reality behind it. There have been rumors of a possible political career for Willie. “Willie for Prez!” Yes, it has a nice ring to it.

What do you want to know about Willie Robertson? He is also a professional hunter, and CEO of Duck Commander. He was handed down the company from his father Phil Robertson. Since then Willie has taken the Duck Commander company world wide. What did Willie Robertson major in college? He has a business degree from Harding University.

Learn more about Willie Robertson in this questions and answer about Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty! Find out how much Willie is worth, if Korie likes Willie’s beard, and lots more below.

Questions and Answers about Willie Robertson

willie robertson from duck dynasty

Questions Answers
How old is Willie Robertson? Willie is 40 years old
How many kids does Willie Robertson have? Willie and Korie have 4 kids
How much is Willie Robertson worth? It is reported that Willie is worth around 10 million dollars
Who is older, Jase Robertson or Willie Robertson? Jase is older than Willie
Is Willie’s son adopted yes, Willie has an adopted son and a daughter as well.
How did Willie Robertson get rich? From the sales of their popular Duck Calls and other merchandise related to Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty.
How many people work for Willie Robertson? There are somewhere between 11-50 employees at Duck Commander. Many of which are Robertson family members.
Did Willie Robertson play football? Willie played football and basketball in college at ULM. Read this interview to hear Willie talk more about it.
Why does Willie Robertson on Duck Dynasty have a beard? Willie and the rest of the Duck Dynasty guys all sport beards because it’s just the way they are. Sure there were days when the Duck Dynasty guys were without beards, but those days are long gone now!
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Willie Robertson Tattoos

Willie Robertson sports a forearm tattoo of his Buck Commander logo. Which is a silhouette of a deer head. The Buck Commander logo is also the same shape as Willie’s tattoo. I am not sure which came first! With the Duck Dynasty guys, it’s all about the beards! Here are some popular questions about Willie Robertson’s beard. Here is a picture of Willie Robertson with no beard

Watch This Willie Robertson Video

What did Willie Robertson look like before Duck Dynasty?

Here is a before and after shot of Willie and Korie Robertson. The left is from their high school days. The right is a pretty recent picture of them.

Willie Robertson No Beard

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Questions I am seeking answers too. If you know these answers please leave a comment below.

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson

What does he drive?

What gun does he use?

What year did Willie Robertson graduate?

What brand of sunglasses does Willie wear?

What position did he play in football?

Where is his house?

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  1. What did Willie Robertson go to college for? Preaching, then business.
    What does Willie Robertson wear on his head? Whatever Bandana the producers choose, to keep his hair out of his face.
    What does Willie Robertson drive? Chevy pick-up.
    What does Willie Robertson have a degree in? Business
    What kind of shotgun does Willie Robertson use? Benelli
    What gun does Willie Robertson use? Umbrella question but his favorite is a 7mm Savage rifle that he assembled himself.
    What is Willie Robertson’s tattoo on his arm? Buck Commander logo

    That’s what I know.

  2. They have beards for the purpose of camouflaging themselves for hunting, you can hear them talk about it on Duck Commander – which is another great show :)

  3. On an episode of duck commander, they showed willie coaching a basketball team. I noticed that both his arms were filled with tattoos. Has anyone else noticed this? If so, what happened to them?


    1. That is very interesting. You didn’t happen to add alcohol to Si’s ice tea recipe did you?

  5. hello Willie I have a question is it legal for somebody to get either duck commander or buck commander tattooed on there body or do they have to ask you first?

    thank you for your time have a good day your friend ryan

    1. your body is your body, Some business actually pay people to get their logos tatted on their bodies. I doubt if Willie would. Point is I’m sure he wouldnt mind as long as you didnt try to make a profit off it, (Which is hard to do). Tat away.

  6. I’m sure this may be a long shot in the dark in a blind facing backwards….but here goes.
    Does Duck Commander or Big W support or sponsor disabled veterans? The reason I ask is because I am a disabled combat veteran, medically retired due to injuries I received in a combat jump which broke my neck and my back. Through a long recovery I have been able to walk without a cane, thank God, but have been left with lingering issues that have disabled my life in other ways. During my accident my canopy failed to deploy properly and I slammed the ground.. Lights out. No more Airborne, no more Army. Long story short, the impact shattered most of my teeth. The Army did their best to correct the issue but after a fall trying to play with my kids, the Army’s work went AWOL and now I am left with the aftermath. I am afraid to leave the house or go out with family because someone will see my mangled smile. I try to avoid things that make me laugh even at home because I don’t want my wife or kids to be disgusted. Please don’t feel bad for me because given the option, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love my family and my country and would be prepared to die for either, I am and have been blessed.
    If anyone has any information on any programs that could possibly help, please email me. Any information would be greatly appreciated as N.C. doesn’t have any permanent solution. I just want to live again. God bless you, God bless America and thank you for reading this.
    Sgt D.C. (Petey) Long
    U.S. Army retired
    I can provide documentation
    reflecting honorable military
    service, disability and DD214

    1. Hey Brother,

      I too am a disabled retired veteran. Why don’t you contact Wounded Warrior Project. I give to them and they’ll do what they can I’m sure.
      Thanks for serving!! I too am blessed and wouldn’t change a thing! What would this country do without folks like you. Take care and God Be With You!

      Todd Thomas, USAF Retired

  7. What is Willie’s favorite Collage football team? I seen the show where he took kids to a game but they got lost.

  8. I like the Buck Commander logo. The deer is sweet. Willie has it tattooed on his arm. Are there car decals of it available? I haven’t looked very hard for them yet.

  9. I can’t seem to get enough of this family! I love The Robertson’s. I think the men are extremely handsome and the women are beautiful!

  10. Love the show and the family. Everyone is so down to earth and they do a lot of good in the community and others causes. They truly give back. The success DD have did not come easy. It is a result of hard work and I wish continued God’s Blessings for all of the Robertsons.
    It is touching how they end the show with everyone sitting at the table together giving thanks.

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