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Get To Know Si Robertson

Get To Know Si Robertson

Si Robertson is the crazy uncle to Jase Robertson  and Willie Robertson. Millions of Duck Dynasty fans turn on their tv each week to see Si Robertson and the rest of the family. Uncle Si has had a huge impact on many Americans. Here is a strange fact for you, hundreds of women want to marry Uncle Si, even though he is a happily married man! Do they just want his money, or do they really want to know what Si is drinking in that tea glass?

Uncle Silas Robertson, or better known as just “Si” He is the brother of Phil and uncle to Willie, Jase, and Jep. He is the crazy old coot who makes the whole show funny. Let’s face it, we all tune in to see what Silas is gonna say or do next.

Get To Know Si Robertson from Duck DynastyMeet Uncle Silas Robertson

Remember the episode where Si ate coon poop? Or the episode where he tries to teach his niece Sadie how to drive?

Yep, it’s for sure, that Uncle Si is one of my favorite characters from the Duck Dynasty tv series.

One of the most popular questions that gets asked is… Is Si Robertson an alcoholic? Or Does Si Robertson drink alcohol in his tea cup.

The best answer to that would be no, but then his actions sometimes will make you wonder!

I really don’t know the answer, but my first impression would be that NO, Si does not drink alcohol. I think he is really just a crazy and goofy person.

Si Robertson From Duck Dynasty

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Get To Know Si Robertson

Is Si Robertson Married?Yes he is happily married to Christine. Even though he claims to be a ladies man, that is just him acting crazy!
How old is Silas Robertson?He is 65 years old as of the time of this posting.
What is in Si Robertson’s tea cup?Iced Tea Jack! Even though some think that it is full of alcohol, he claims he never drinks.
What branch of Military was Si Robertson in?Si Robertson was in the Army. He was all he could be! He served in Vietnam during the Vietnam war.
How much is Si Robertson worth?It is reported that Si is worth nearly 2 million dollars. That will sure buy a lot of tea huh Jack! He made his millions through working with Willie and selling Duck Calls for Duck Commander plus personal appearances and talking arrangements.
What Else Do You Want To Know? Leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of this page and I will try my best to find the answers for you.

Watch  Videos To Get To Know Si Robertson!

Si & Si

Products To Get To Know Si Robertson

There is no better way to get to know Si Robertson than by hanging up his wall calendars, or reading his books. Wear a t-shirt and you might even begin to feel like Uncle Si!

Uncle Si has quickly became a favorite tv character of many Americans, myself included! I can’t wait for each new episode to see what he is gonna do next.

Did you Get To Know Si Robertson? Do you have any further questions? Leave a comment below if you have more questions that you want answers to. I will do my best research and find out for you. If you liked my webpage, click on those social buttons and share the love!

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  1. Si,

    We really enjoy the down to earth t.v. series. You should be feeling extra special today as my grandson (Tucker McCain 3 years old) got his first lab puppy today and name him Si.

    Quite an honor for a great American!!!

  2. It’s such a pleasure to see a family that gets along and truely likes being with one another these days. It seems like every tv show nowadays has everybody arguing and fighting with each other. What an absolute pleasure it is to relax and watch D.D. each week. The world seems to be so negative these days and this show takes you away from all that for an hour each week. I too am a low tech man in a high tech world and this show makes me happy…happy…happy ! God bless the Robertsons and Duck Dynasty !!

  3. I have been watching your show since it started. I said back then that this show was going to catch on fire. it sure did!!!! Every one I know can’t stop talking about Duck Dynasty!!! Great job by all

  4. Si from one crazy nam vet to another, welcome home.
    What was your years in the land of the rice paddy, your AO and mos.

    1. Silas Robertson was in the Army from April 1968 to February 1993. He retired as an E7/SFC. A Sergeant First Class. He was a “Material Control and accounting specialist”. He served at Fort Jackson, S.C., Fort Devens, Mass., Fort Knox, KY., Fort Bragg, N.C., Baumholder and Kreuzberg, Germany. His son, Scott, is an E6/SSG, Staff Sergeant, with three tours to Iraq, and 16 years in service.

  5. During the show where Willie goes to the dress store to help Sadie pick out a suitable dress, Si sets Willie straight and says he knows because he raised a daughter. Does Si have children? Who are they?

  6. As a RET MSG I want to thank Si for his service it was not easy being in the military during those years. Would love to know his MOS and his rank feel he was enlisted as he is down to earth with alot of common sense.

  7. Hey my name is Dawson Deroo and I go to Forsyth Middle School in Missouri. Our school is in need of a veteran to come and speak at our Annual Veterans Day Assembly. We wanted to know if it would be possible if Si could come to our Veterans Day Assembly. Please e-mail me if this would be possible. Thanks, Dawson Deroo

    1. Uncle Si was stationed in Germany three times. He mentions Zweibrucken Germany in his book Si-cology. He also mentions being stationed near Fort Lee near Petersburg Virginia. Then he mentions being stationed near Fort Devens for two years and worked in Medical Supplies. So far, this is all the info I can find.

  8. I think that the show needs to address Si and his drinking(alcohol) problem..he may say he does not drink but his actions speak louder than words..for someone who says he does not have a problem he never puts that cup down..constantly drinking and he will never let anyone else touch it..and to say that he is just goofy..sorry no way..it needs to be addressed because those of us who have watched from the beginning can see that the drinking, the slurred speech,and the actions are getting worse

    1. Really???? That’s just the way he is. You don’t have to be drunk to be goofy. If you have failed to remember, he was a Vietnam Vet. He’s probably seen more unnatural death in one tour than you’ve seen your whole life. As a Veteran myself I know first hand it takes a heavy toll on you mentally and that’s a FACT JACK. P.S. I am writing this sober.

  9. What did Si really do in the army he says so many different things on the show sometimes I have even questioned if he was really in?? Also the timeline does not add up unless he was in for 25 years? As far as I can tell he got drafted in 1968 and out in 1993.

  10. I also am a disabled US Army veteran, and ETS as a SGT. I too would like to know what your MOS was and what rank you were upon retirement!

  11. Si we really enjoy your tv shows and you are my favorite person on their one day i wish i can see you face to face

  12. I just started watching Duck Dynasty in Jan.2014 and totally love this show!!!. I never had much to do with t.v.,except the History Channel and National news, when I had time. I’m a 58 year old woman,a Registered Nurse for 33 years now and I have laughed so much watching the Robertson family.I look forward to Duck Dynasty every week.I live in Texas and my sport is fishing.I think the Robertson family is “what you see is what you get.”

  13. well my balloon just deflated. All this time I was trying to get my family to move down South to go Si chasing it is like duck hunting only without the feathers. Oh well I was never a killer just a lover as you would say,” that is the way it is Jack.” Well as long as you are happy happy,happy,happy that is what counts. If ever you change your mind I also make a mean glass of tea. Oh yeah I can cook but probably not as good as Miss Kay but I am a quick learner.

  14. I was reading your book yesterday and came to the part of your Asby son and the good results he’s had on medication. Could you share the name of that med ? My granddaughter is also an Asby but has not found a med that works. It is so frustrating and we need help!

  15. What year did Mr. SI Robertson serve in the Vam. what was unit n what did he do thanks

  16. When did Si Robertson go into the Army, and was he drafted or did he join. What was his MOS. I myself was drafted in 1966 but consider myself lucky to be sent to Korea during the vietnam conflict.

  17. Hello Si:
    I was born in 1948 also, and I am a Vietnam Veteran as well, served with the 572nd Transportation Co., Long Bien RVN.1968-1969 Tet Offensive.
    I enjoy watching such a close knit family every week, it is one of my favorite TV shows.
    Congragulations on being married for so many years. May the Duck Dynasty continue to prosper……….

  18. I would like to know when Si was in baumholder Germany because I was there and went to school there

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