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Get To Know Phil Robertson

What would you like to know about Phil Robertson?

The original Duck Commander. He is the one who started it all for the Robertson family. He built the first handmade Duck Call and got the patents to sell them. Anyone who has watched Duck Commander or Duck Dynasty already has a good idea about who he is.

He is a man who believes in saying a pray before every meal. He lives off the land. Instead of wasting money on meat from the store. He goes out and gets his meat from the woods and lakes.

Y’all oughta go by Wal-Mart and pick you up a personality. He told his grandsons this when he took them out fishing one day and his grandsons didn’t talk very much.

Phil Robertson Quotes

Phil Robertson Quotes Image Source – Pinterest

Phil Robertson Quotes

He has many favorite Duck Dynasty sayings. One of the most popular quotes is Happy Happy Happy. He says it ALLLLL the time! He is a low tech man in a high tech world as he likes to say. He doesn’t own a cell phone. He doesn’t enjoy his grand kids playing video games. Plus, he sure doesn’t care much for yuppy girls or city folks! One of my favorite episodes of Duck Dynasty is when Willie Robertson paid for a pet photographer to come by and shoot photos of Phil and Miss Kay with their dogs! Did y’all see that episode? It was funny funny funny!!

How Many Sons Does Phil Have?

Phil Robertson Duck HunterAnother popular question about him is how many sons does he have. Not all of the Robertson boys are featured on Duck Dynasty. Only Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson and Jep Robertson are shown on the show. There is also one more Robertson son. His name is Alan. All together he has 4 sons and no daughters.

When is His Birthday?

His birthday is April 24, 1946

How many acres of land does Phil Robertson own?

The Robertson’s own 800 acres of land in Monroe Louisiana.

Is Phil a Preacher?

He is a devoted follower of Christ, He has a huge passion for preaching the gospel and saving souls. The Duck Commander has built a reputation not only for hunting ducks and squirrel, but also his powerful, revivalist-style gospel preaching.

Bring back patriarch Phil Robertson

What Kind of Shotgun Does He Use?

Phil shoots a Benelli shotgun. If you know any other guns he uses, please leave a comment below and let us know!

What Kind of Chew Does He Use?

Often on the Duck Dynasty tv series, we see Phil spitting his chew on the ground. So one popular question that fans want to know is “What kind of tobacco Phil uses?”. He chews Copenhagen.

When Did He Get Married?

He married his high school sweetheart Miss Kay. They have remained married all this time and claim to be very Happy Happy Happy together.

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What Is Phil Robertson Net Worth?

One of the most asked questions is How much is Phil Robertson worth? It has been reported that he is worth an estimated net of $5 million. That’s a whole lot of money for selling some duck calls!

Phil Robertson Football Stats

Phil Robertson Football Stats Image Courtesy of A&E Network

Phil Controversy

A&E suspended Phil for his remarks during an interview. What did Phil Robertson say that got him fired from A&E? When asked his views about sin, Phil went on to describe men sleeping with men and other such activities. When A&E got word about his remarks, they suspended him from any further filming on the Duck Dynasty series.

What do you think about this? Was Phil’s freedom of speech violated? Or did Phil over step his boundaries with his remarks? Leave a comment below if you want to discuss this matter about Phil being fired from Duck Dynasty.

Report about Phil Robertson Suspended from Duck Dynasty.

Stand with Phil Robertson Support Phil

What Are Phil Robertson Football Stats at Louisiana Tech?

He was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech for two seasons during the 1960’s. Famous quarterback Terry Bradshaw actually was a back up to him. He walked away from his final year of football so he could spend more time hunting and fishing, but he did have the talent to play in the NFL if he had wanted too. If you ask him, he doesn’t regret his decision at all. During three seasons of football, from 1965-67 — his final two as starter — he was 179-for-411 passing for 2,237 yards and 12 TDs, but threw 34 interceptions for Tech (which was 8-20 in that span).

Phil Robertson I Stand For Phil

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What Else Would You Like To Know About Phil?

Is there something else you would like to know about him? If so, feel free to drop a comment below and ask, I will try to find out what I can and add it to this post!

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  1. I absolutely love Duck Dynasty. And the cynical and completely logical side of Phil is very lovable. Great post and great show.

    1. It is past the time.
      We need to discuss real problems. Amazing how media is so concerned about Phil Robertson’s comments. That goes for the general public as well.

      As daily battles go on about political correct words and statements the real big white elephant in the room goes on with no attention.
      Oh yeah can I say white? Is redneck now RN.
      Lets place our discussions, strengths, care and compassion on the real issue rapidly breathing down our necks.

      H2O That’s right we are running out of water world wide. The human race can survive without fossil fuels and politically correct or incorrect words and statements. Do we have to wait until no water comes out of our faucets to wake up.

  2. What kind of trucks does Phil, and the boys drive?

    What are Phil’s favorite baits to use when he goes fishing?

  3. Are you sure Phil and Kay were married in 1973? Their sons Alan, Jace and Willie were born then before their parents married! Seems like maybe its a little wrong.

    1. There is no such thing as a Christian without sin. I don’t think Phil had ever said he was perfect. He’s teaching his family and viewers the truth and leading by the best example he can.

    1. He doesn’t chew “tabacco”, he dips Copenhagen Snuff. Yes, there is a difference. I’m absolutely positive that if there was one place in the Bible that made a reference to this being wrong, which there is not, he would stop at the drop of a hat.

  4. I support Phil in his recent comments. The line truly has been blurred in what is right and wrong. Long live the true God fearing red-neck. A&E is making a big mistake.

  5. Thank you for standing tall for what the Bible teaches. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you until Jesus comes. I have contacted A&E to protest their intolerance of other views than the worldly ones they so cherish. They are wrong, wrong, wrong.

    1. Whose intolerance? Your and Phil’s intolerance of homosexuals or A&E’s intolerance of Phil’s commment. All I know is that you reap what you sow. If you sow intolerance you reap intolerance.

  6. Praying at the end of the show is what made me watch it twice. And then again and again. I am really sick of tv shows or sponsors dropping someone because they ” say” or “do” what they think is wrong. God forbid someone speaking the truth. I totally agree with Phil. It how he feels. His family will stand by him. And I hope they all cancellation A&E.

    1. It is a shame when people cant see how other people live. I consider myself very tolerant and we should realize that god is merciful towards all. But i see discrimination everywhere. I live in florida and in certain towns, good luck getting a piece of chicken at a chicken place if you are white. Young black kids make you wait 20 min. or tell you they ran out of chicken !!! Makes you mad but you cant say anything. Now my other main complaint ( female here) is getting hit on by other females since I was 18. Same thing happens to my sister-in-law. If you do not have a tall bearded man by my side,fend for yourself and stay tolerant. I have a lot of love for all people just don’t shove stuff at me. Hey I would like to meet any of your friends 60+ who fish? Stay happy Phil !

  7. I bet Phil regrets his comments now!!! He is about to lose his show causing him to lose a lot more than just respect. This is going to hurt his wallet and I will sit here laughing at him. GOD DAMN HIS SOUL trying to shove religion down everyone’s throats.. By the way im not gay I believe other people shouldnt get in the way of other peoples happiness just because thier old as shit reliogon tells them to jump off a bridge.

  8. I support Phil Robertson and his comments to A&E that ‘if they took out the prayer at the end of the show, they’d walk’. It is wonderful to be able to watch a reality show with no cussing and with a prayer at the end of it with family and friends sitting around the table. He and Miss Kay have 4 wonderful sons who show they were brought up in the ‘correct way’, Strong faith and conviction. I did not hear or read what his comment was that caused A&E to put him on ‘haitis’; but, glad to hear that he will be back. The sons show a lot of respect for him and that, also, is something that should make Miss Kay and him proud. As for the comments that the person named “I” said on 12/24/13; all I can say is, ‘if you don’t like the show and what they say or do on it, turn the channel or turn off your TV’.

  9. I love to watch Duck Dynasty and have been watching for a while now. I would never not consider myself a sinner and probably could stand some more Jesus in my life at the same time I would never say I am perfect I like watching because I see how people can have money and still lead good christian lives, that I think is how we should strive to be in our lives. Thank you to all the family for giving us a role model that we and our kids could try to live like.

  10. I love a show that I can watch with my wife, 12 year old, and 5 year old. No risk of sex, drugs, or violence. I can’t think of any other. Plus it teaches about faith, nature, and many other great things in life.

  11. The whole group mostly uses benelli super vinci and the super black eagle 2, also back in the old duck commander hunting movies, jase and Si used the stoger M3000

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