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Get To Know Miss Kay Robertson

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Questions and Answers about Kay Robertson

Miss Kay Robertson is one of my favorite stars on Duck Dynasty. In case you don’t know who she is, Miss Kay is the wife of Phil Robertson and mother to Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep Robertson, and Alan.

She is also the sister in law to Si Robertson. She keeps the whole Robertson’s family grounded and getting along.

What is Kay’s maiden name? This is another popular question, one that has not been answered online that I can find. Her name is Marsha Kay, but other than that, I still haven’t found her maiden last name. If anyone knows what her maiden name is, please leave a comment down below.

Miss Kay Robertson

Miss Kay Robertson From Duck Dynasty

What year was Kay born?

Miss Kay was born on Dec 21 in 1950.

What is the age difference between Phil and Kay?

There are 4 years separating Miss Kay and her husband Phil. Phil Robertson was born in 1946.

What is Kay’s net worth?

They are estimated to have a net worth of around 5 million dollars. This information can be out of date though. With the recent popularity of their tv series, their net worth might be well above 5 million now.

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When is her birthday?

Miss Kay’s birthday is on December 21st.

What Are Miss Kay’s Hobbies?

She loves to cook! Her favorite dishes to cook is fried deer steaks, crawfish pie, sticky frog legs and for dessert, she makes a wonderful banana pudding that Phil loves to eat. It is very common for the entire family to gather at their home for nightly dinner.

What we see on every episode of Duck Dynasty is actually what the family does. They eat dinner together on a nightly basis and Phil really does say a prayer before each meal. She also likes to draw children’s art. She is also a dog lover. They have at least 2-3 dogs as seen in many episodes of their tv show.

Watch this video of Miss Kay

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What Else Do You Want To Know About Kay?

Take a moment to leave a comment below and I will do my best to find out the answer to all your questions about Mrs. Robertson. I would really love to hear from you! Also, please share this page on Twitter and Facebook for me! Thanks! Sharing is caring in the internet world. If you found this article useful, please tell your friends by using the social share buttons featured below.

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  1. I also heve been trying to find out miss kay’s mauden name, but all that I have found out that her family had a fish camp on BLACK BAYOU LAKE that lies between Vivian La & Hosston LA.

  2. Hi, thank you for all the info. I learned so much about everyone on my favorite show. I love it, love it, love it!! :) I do have a question, why is Miss Kay called Miss Kay?? I never hear the boys call her mom, or her grand kids call her grandma. It’s cute but, just wondering why that is??

  3. I went to school with Kay in Ida, Louisiana through 1961 when my family moved away. Our sisters were in the same class but quite a bit older than us. As I recall Kay was three grades ahead of me in school. I was born in December 1949 and her birthday is December 21, 1946. Ida closed the high school in 1958 so Kay would have gone to high school at North Caddo in Vivian as our sisters did.. Her maiden name was Carraway. One of the comments said it was Ezell but that was her father’s first name. He was a joy to be around and helped run the local general store. I hope this helps.

  4. I found a marriage license online for Phil and Miss Kay in McCurtain County Oklahoma. you can look it up online at ODCR.com Case number MLI-1933-00230.


  6. I would love to know the family history of Ms. Kay. My husbands family is Carroway and live in West Monroe. Just curious if there is a connection. His Grandfather was William Thomas Carroway but everyone called him Cooney. I know his great grandmothers house is still there in West Monroe.

  7. Can anyone tell me for a school book report who was ms kay mother name…these today teachers must not know i can not find it anywhere.

  8. I don’t really care about Phil Robertson’s personal life. But it seems people commenting about him haven’t done the math, and I just felt compelled to provide it for them (LOL). Publicity says Phil and Kay were high school sweethearts and met when he was 18 and she 14 in year 1964. On the contrary, Phil was born in April 24, 1946, graduated from Caddo Paris High School in June 1964 at 18yrs-2mo, so Phil would have had to begin dating Kay in 1964 before the month of June meaning she was 13 years old and he was 17 until his birthday on April 24. Kay born December 21, 1950, was 13 years old until December 21, 1964, and therefore she was 13 when Phil began dating her. Their first child (Marshal Alan Robertson) was born during an undisclosed month in 1965, while Kay was 15 years old, so therefore she was most likely pregnant at 14. On the Duck Dynasty show they celebrated their wedding anniversary in August, with a renewal of wedding vows. If they married in 1966 in the month of August, Kay would have been 15 years old, because her birthday is Dec. 21. Aside from all of this Kay Carroway Robertson did receive a high school graduate certificate from Ruston High School in 1966 at 15 years old, 6 months before her 16th birthday.

    1. To add to Laura’s comment, their marriage certificate is actually from 1968, as a matter of public record. Since the family has said they never had a symbolic ceremony back then, the anniversary number in years claimed by the Robertsons is fudged a bit…but to each their own.

    2. Wouldn’t that technically make Kay 14 when she gave birth to Alan? And possibly 13 when she conceived?

  9. If miss Kay was born Dec 21 1950 and married in 1966… wouldn’t that make her 15 when she was married? And if she is currently 63.. why did Jessica tweet a picture from her 65th birthday in 2012?

  10. We being my boyfriend n me cant get enough dd…Keep it coming n phill stand your ground i was raised with all of The good MORALS,you have ..God will always be the way and truth to our salvation.We just a redkneck couple from Blackshear,Ga.We love you all and Si you are a funny n fun man id trully love to meet,Well your all n our Prayers untill maybe oneday we can meet.PEACE…

  11. You guys, there are pictures out there in the North Caddo HS yearbook, showing Miss Kay in 1962 Usually the year book is for the year end.. For example, my graduation year June ’69 my year book is ’69, not the fall of the year ’68.. BUT pictures are usually taken in the fall the year before and most definitely the football cheerleader one is the fall of the year. Anyway 1962 she was a Freshman and 1963 she was a Sophomore, so she would have graduated June of 1965.. Even if 1962 is the fall, then she would have been a senior the school year of 1965/66 graduating in 1966 and if they got married in Aug 1966 she would have graduated HS.. Looking at the 1962 Queen picture and cheerleading picture, I do not BELIEVE she was 11 years old, which she would have been in the fall of 1962, but if it’s the June 1962 year book, that would make her 10 not yet 11 at the beginning of the school year in the fall of 1961.. So with that in mind everyone… SHE WAS NOT born Dec. 1950 and more like 1948, MAYBE 1949.. I believe Phil is 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 years older than her at MOST!! She should have graduated at 17 turning 18 in Dec. which would be the norm, All my kids graduated at 17 turning 18 after. If she were a year a head and with her late birthday of Dec, that would be really young, but the same thing happened to my Mom, so I understand it could have been, then she would have been 16 when she graduated, 16 when she married Phil in August, turned 17 in Dec. and Phil would have been 20 because his birthday is in April. That all makes sense.. So it’s not as it appears, she was mature for her age as a lot of women are. Her birth year is off, but if the tweet of 2012 is correct and that was her 65th, then she was born 1947.. Which would really make more sense with the High School Yearbooks. They have never said Kays age, etc. it’s all been reports.

    My mother married at 18 and she had two years of college completed, graduated at 16, turned 17 in Dec.. My father was 6 years older than her.. They were happily married for over 60 years!!

  12. What is miss kays family history? Her mom and dad’s names her grandparents??? Anything on thAt

  13. Does anyone know if Ms. Kay has any sisters or brothers? I know Phil has 6 other siblings, but it never mentions hers.

  14. I was just at our family reunion of the pullin caraways in texas and was wondering if we was related to the caraways of miss kay?

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