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The Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race

The Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race

Duck hunting takes over NASCAR on April 6th 2014 when the stars from Duck Dynasty sponsors a race at Texas Motor Speedway. Willie and family has signed a deal to host the spring race for the next 3 years.

NASCAR fans and fans of Duck Commander will get the combined treat of both on April 6th, when the race held at the Texas Motor Speedway will be called the Duck Commander 500 Nascar race! That has a nice ring to it! The Sprint race is being sponsored by Duck Commander, which is owned and run by the Duck Dynasty family, the Robertsons.

The Robertson family are all big fans of NASCAR and do get to attend some of the races.

If you are one of the NASCAR fans that travels and stays the week to see these Sprint Cup races, you will get to see members of the Duck Dynasty cast and crew throughout the week and maybe even get some photo ops with them!
Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race

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Popular Questions about The Duck Commander 500

Where can you buy tickets to The Duck Commander 500?

There is no doubt that race fans and even Duck Commander fans will be wanting tickets to this race. Tickets went on sale on February 14th. Click the image below to see where you can buy tickets.

Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race Tickets

What time does The Duck Commander 500 start?

The race will start at 3:16 pm on April 6th 2014

What channel is The Duck Commander 500 on?

Your local FOX channel will be covering the race.

When is The Duck Commander 500?

April 6th 2014

Willie Tweets About Duck Commander 500 Race

During the 2013 season, Clint Bowyer raced in a Duck Dynasty sponsored racecar. That racecar is available as a diecast collectible below. Just click on the image to see the details.

While you are at the race be sure to pick up some of the special Duck Commander branded food and also Uncle Si’s Tea at the concession stands. Get your very own tea cup right here.

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