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Jase Robertson Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume

Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty

Make A Jase Robertson Halloween Costume. Here Is How To Dress Up As Jase Robertson For Halloween. Jase Robertson is Willies older brother, and one of the most popular characters on Duck Dynasty. If you want to dress up as Jase Robertson for Halloween, use the following items to create your Halloween costume.

Willie Robertson Halloween Costumes


Willie Robertson Costumes for Halloween. Make your own Willie Robertson Halloween Costumes. Dress up as CEO of this Louisiana bayou family who operates Duck Commander, a growing family business that made them millionaires.

Inexpensive Crossbows for Deer Hunting

Inexpensive Crossbows for Deer Hunting

Inexpensive Crossbows for Deer Hunting Step into the woods this deer season with a dependable crossbow that doesn’t empty your wallet. Featured below are the best and inexpensive crossbows for deer hunting. I will showcase a good selection of deer hunters crossbows that aren’t that expensive so you have a good selection. Crossbow hunting has […]

The Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race

The Duck Commander 500

The Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race Duck hunting takes over NASCAR on April 6th 2014 when the stars from Duck Dynasty sponsors a race at Texas Motor Speedway. Willie and family has signed a deal to host the spring race for the next 3 years. NASCAR fans and fans of Duck Commander will get the […]

Crawfish Pie from the Duck Commander Kitchen

Crawfish Pie from the Duck Commader Kitchen

You have to try this Crawfish Pie Recipe from Duck Commander Kitchen! If you love rich and creamy shellfish recipes, this one will be a favorite! When your family starts smelling this crawfish pie cooking, they will be ready to come to the table. For me this is a much larger version of one of my […]

Meet Korie Robertson

Meet Korie Robertson

Get To Know Korie Robertson Korie Robertson is the lovely wife of Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander. She is also the mother of both John Luke and Sadie Robertson. Korie doesn’t ride on the Duck Dynasty coat tails. She is the office manager and helps keep the company growing as she has from the […]

Get To Know Justin Martin

Justin Martin

Meet Justin Martin From Duck Dynasty Just call him Martin. The happy-go-lucky, somewhat carefree and always comical Justin Martin has become a favorite among many Duck Dynasty viewers. Forget what you think you know, this man knows his duck hunting. He knows his ducks, his guns, ammo, and he definitely knows his duck calls. It’s easy […]

Boudin Recipe from Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen

Boudin Recipe for Authentic Louisiana Cooking

Authentic Boudin Sausage Recipe The Duck Commander, Buck Commander, and Duck Dynasty family and crew love real home cooked meals.  Miss Kay cooks up a mess of food for the table but there is always at least one special recipe for the big family sit down meal. Miss Kay’s recipe for boudin sausage can be found in […]

Get To Know John Godwin

Get To Know John Godwin

Get To Know John Godwin John Godwin, better known as simply “Godwin”, the likeable funny man on Duck Dynasty, is usually right in the middle of any chaos and shenanigans in the warehouse. He loves to keep the guys laughing. Whether he is making atrocious goat calls or the sounds of an 18 wheeler from […]

Miss Kays Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

Miss Kays Mac and Cheese

Miss Kay’s Mac and Cheese Recipe Miss Kay’s Mac and Cheese is a favorite among her family. It’s pretty well known that her cooking makes all her family and friends Happy Happy Happy. It’s no secret that her husband, Phil, will do just about anything for Miss Kay’s fabulous entrees, casseroles, and pies . If […]

Alan Robertson: The Odd Duck In

alan robertson

Alan Robertson is Duck Dynasty’s eldest brother and he is making a move to become a permanent fixture in your home on Wednesday nights. The plan to bring the former White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ pastor onto the show full time was supposed to take place last season but never seemed to solidify. We should […]

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